Fox News at it Again

notice the palm trees in the background, sure looks like Wisconsin to me. :unamused:

What a wonderful example of Fox’s “fair and balanced” reporting. Here’s a video by youtube user LiberalViewer asking his viewers to email his video to Bill Oreilly since he doesn’t realize that he lies, or at the very least extremely bends the truth.

If we get enough people to send this to O’reilly, we may actually get some sort of response out him him. Most likely something like, “The far left pinheads on youtube are attacking me again.”

Here are the links mentioned in the above video:

This was Hannity and Limbaugh, which are not news shows, but they are not supposed to be misleading propaganda either. I don’t think. They only aired the middle part of the quote, I bolded it and changed to color.

They have an audience that wants so badly to have an identifiable enemy that they can feel morally and mentally superior to. Even if they have to make them up. It’s okay. It makes it easier to digest meat.

I wonder if this will ever get old at Fox.

[quote=“Jaboney”]I wonder if this will ever get old at Fox.


That one is a classic!
Even though it’s easy to see why it slipped past. Some of the early headlines on all networks had the Obama/Osama bit in their header.

Who is dead?



[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]Who is dead?


His subconscious betrayed him…

A Foxian slip.