Is news of this Taiwanese company’s methods being stifled in the press in Taiwan? Is it actually anything new? … q=13248310

What’s your point then??
To what "methods " are you referring?
This is already a 3-day old story.
If there’s any kind of evidence that either of the companies involved did anything out of the ordinary to be responsible for the guy taking a header, let’s hear it.
Otherwise, it’s just another story of a dude who fucked up, couldn’t cope, and topped himself.
Sad, OK.
But hardly A. unusual, or B. indicitave of any nefarious agenda on the part of the companies.
Good lord, we’re talking about new iPhone prototypes.
Potential billions in revenue are tied up in the secrecy surrounding these devices.
And anyway, who’s to say he didn’t sell it off and then freak out at the enormity of what he’d done??

Obviously, he kept one back for himself, started playing with that beer-glass game thing, couldn’t get the high score, and … tragic, but all-too commonplace. Ban beer, is what I say.