Fragrance enthusiast thread

Anyone else interested and have a fragrance collection? I’ve been slowly rebuilding since I moved. I had to bring a lot of stuff when I moved and bottles were too heavy and took up too much space so I started from scratch in Italy.

So far I have collected

Tom Ford Mandarino Di Almalfi
Creed Aventus
Dior Sauvage
Chanel Allure Homme Sport
Prada L’Homme
Creed Green Irish Tweed

Fragrances are an expensive hobby. Isn’t that bottle of Creed like $300? Gets a bit ridiculous at times.

I favor fragrances by Tom Ford. I have one citrusy Chanel frag for work/daytime because the TF ones are all too…erm, sultry for the office.

Yeah, I got it in London, i think it was 240GBP. I’ve always wanted it but held off due to the price since I have many fragrances. Starting over from scratch, I pulled the trigger on it.

I wasn’t so into them before. But they are true unique and can be very niche. They certainly are meant to offend in many cases in a good way. But some people might not enjoy them as is. My next Tom ford purchase i’m eyeing is Tuscan Leather. But it’s far to hot for it so i’m waiting for fall where it’s more appropriate. It’s also cool they’re unisex, although some are def imo more masculine or feminine. His private line is amazing.

Sex Panther

60% of the time it works all the time.

I used to favor Bulgari Black. Smoky and woody based on lapsang souchong.

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Wearing fragrances in Taiwan is a challenge. Hot and muggy. Some fragrances can smell awful under these conditions and doesn’t last long.

I think @shiadoa’s falling down on the job here. :grin:

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I apologize profusely , but I have been rather unwell … so keep up the good work my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


I prefer this

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Le Labo Vetiver 46, Bergamote 22

Maison Margiela Jazz Club

Bergamote 22 is my summer go-to. Try it out.

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In the heat of Taiwan, everything smells awful. The vast majority of locals who wear cologne or even perfume, smell like they bathed in it. Someone needs to educate them that a dab here and a dab there goes a long way. The teenage boys where I teach tend to dump the cologne on too and it smells like they are covering up a lack of showering and a lack of deodorant use. Nasty smell worse than a gutter in Taiwan in the summer.

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I think this is mainly because so many people in Taiwan have terrible senses of smell. They have to really slather it on to be able to smell it at all. With my sensitive nose, I literally have to hold my breath when one of those perfumed princesses steps on the elevator.

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A great high end scent. I’ve heard great things about it. I wish it was more available for me to smell before I buy since it’s up there in price. I think around 200$.

I have some good summer scents already. I’m actually looking more forward to fall in winter. I made more of my purchase with summer in mind recently.

I have an extremely sensitive nose as well. And people do smell terrible often. They need to shower more or put on more deodorant. And pick some quality fragrances that are suitable for the environment. For whatever reason, I don’t produce much body odor, and i’ve been told my sweat smells sweet. And i’ve never had to wear deodorant, i don’t really sweat from my armpits. It seems it’s a common thing found in koreans and I apparently got it from my mom. Even so, I shower 2-3 times a day.

Try Vetiver 46.

Milan might have a Le Labo store? If not, accessible by train/quick flight in Paris.

I’ve mentioned this in the wack thread before but i hate how 80% of the women I walk past here smell heavily of Chloè/granny’s couch. It’s ruined roses for me.

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Actually I was just thinking of making a trip to Paris in the fall. I’ve manage to never have gone before.

Point of personal privilege. I will let this conversation continue but want to remind all of you posting that aggressive scents should never be used unless you are certain that they won’t cause sensory overload for comrades around you.


One, two spritzes max for just about any scent is the courteous thing to do. Nobody should be able to smell your perfume from more than a couple meters away.