France: Fighting for peace or instigating conflict?

There are some interesting reports out there about French arms sales around the world, such as anti-tank weapons, spare parts for aircraft, and microwave technology used to disrupt American GPS satellites sold to Iraq after the UN arms embargo. I’m sure many have also seen the newspaper articles that French weapons manufactured as late as 2001 were found in large quantities in Iraq by coalition forces.

Here’s an interesting article for anyone interested on France’s contribution to the genocide in Rwanda, wherein people were slaughtered at five times the rate of Hitler’s genocide in World War II, and in which French-supplied weapons played an important role (something to be proud of there, eh Chirac?)

Then there were the illegal arms sales to Angola and the Congo, not approved by the French parliament (which is required by law). And now the move by Chirac to lift the arms embargo on China. Projects that have already been discussed between French and Chinese arms manufacturers that they plan on collaborating on after the end of the arms embargo include nuclear submarines, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, and advanced hover-craft type landing ships that would make an amphibious invasion of Taiwan much easier. This is in addition to Chinese interests in French fighter aircraft, missile guidance systems, etc. France has also shown a keen interest in opening up potentially large oil reserves in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in northwest China (where massive human rights abuses have been committed against the Uyghur people). So much for the French being champions of human rights …

or maybe they are just merchants

Since when? The french have only ever been interested in French rights. 'Everyone else can go fuck ‘emselves’ is the general guiding philosophy of french government.

Leaving a trail of death and destruction wherever they go, but at least it is “nuanced” destruction and death that Kerry and his ilk can admire. Much better than that evil George Bush and his efforts to put paid to their efforts. Right?

not really much better
but pretty much the same


You are so right! How didn’t I see that? Bush ends a conflict in Afghanistan that had millions of refugees return. Bush ended a reign of terror by Saddam that killed millions. France sold weapons to dictators to keep them in power. More of the same.

See, it’s that kind of nuance that dumbfuck Americans like me will just never be able to get, no wonder the French have such savoir-faire, such je ne sais quoi, such joie de vivre, are so bien-pensant, gotta love that sophisticated nuance that would be able to quel drol! compare Chirac and his arms bazaar with Bush and his message of freedom but alors, je pense que je veux a parler que: Les armes? et la paix? Quelle est la difference? N’est ce pas? ne rien? Etes vous d’accord?

very impressive your frensh
the diffrence is the Frensh are just selling the weapons but not using it