France in shock over U.S. cheese winning "Best in the World" honor

There’s only so much stock you can place in such awards, but it is something, and US food culture has certainly come a long way.


According to Trump its ‘the smelliest cheese ever, I can tell you now no cheese has smelled so bad , it’s so bad it’s good , you know ?’

I thought the main law of cheese was that the worse it smells, the fancier it is? I wouldn’t know. I am lactose intolerant.

Well, now Macaroon has finally got something to do.

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I never quite got why farting stops people from eating something that tastes good. :idunno:


First zey came for our wines :wine_glass: and we said “non”

Then zey came for our cheese :cheese: and we said “non!”

Next, will it be our crepes? Our mademoiselles’ hairy armpits? Our willingness to surrender at the slightest military provocation?? Who vill speak for us then?!


Your accent is waaaay off.

Damn. 10 years of French accent training down the tubes. :cry:

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Eets just nawt… how do you say… comingacross.

The shit ain’t worth it! Literally.


Honestly not a huge fan of French cheese. I really miss pepper jack cheese.

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The French make cheese that’s good for crackers and wine.

The Americans make cheese that’s good for kickass sandwiches and pizzas.

Advantage: USA


Don’t let the Italians hear you say that.

If I may be frank, I like pepper jack, but being in Italy and wanting other cheese sounds pretty nuts to me :slight_smile: I would even just like to be in the salumeria back on SI

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Don’t get me wrong. I love Italian cheese. I prefer it to French cheese by a mile. But I just love pepper jack. Besides a few places in the south, people here don’t really do spicy. Or they say something is spicy and I honestly can’t tell.

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No spicy pickled peppers around?

The French seem to have a LOT of different kinds of cheese by the way. Some must be good!

Common in the south. But Tuscans and northerner don’t seem to enjoy spicy.

I’ve heard as much! Would figure there’s a little meshing going on somewhere, but I’ve heard it’s quite a divide as well.

They don’t like to mesh. You can definitely find restaurants that cook souther food. But every region thinks their food is the best.

Where I am in Siena, Pici with ragu made from boar meat is the local delicacy since there are many boars here. So it’s in most restaurants.

I suppose it’s fair to say that Americans make cheese that goes well with American food; likewise for the French.

How does one even determine that a cheese is “the best”? Isn’t that a bit like deciding on a “best” car? It’s one thing to label a cheese good (tasty) or bad (inedible) but I’m a bit baffled by the idea of an ordinal ranking.