France Key to Energizing Swing State voters... for Bush

Would be a true shame of Kerry loses Pennsylvania because of France…

And why is Pennsylvania even a swing state. This is the home of his wife Teresa Kerry aka St. Teresa. For all her charity work, this state should be easy pickings. Why not? Vive Teresa! Vive la France. Looks like we have a winner… and that winner could very well turn out to be Bush. More France. Mention it thoughout the heartland each and every day. Kerry and la France! haha,2933,134336,00.html

is that already international politic?

No no Juba:

That face is the one that most often inspires the kind of reaction that most of us feel when you little peace protesters head out for yet one of your Marxist marches. Communism is dead. Get it? It doesn’t exist anymore and it was never a viable system. It tortured and abused people. That is why all ex-communist states support America so ardently. America is the answer to the world’s problems. Communism was just another problem.

AND it is ironic that the Left have been teaming up so closely with the Islamofascists. Funny but the same thing is happening in Germany as well. Nazis and communists marching together. What is it about the far left and far right and their propensity to march, march, march. Always a march, always yelling slogans. Those of us in the “right” right are too busy working to have time for this kind of nonsense, but

whether tie dyed or black and brown,
only fools like you march the town,
You raise your hands and scream out
Commonsense you regularly flout
To give your pathetic lives some meaning
When from the Red Book you could use some weaning
So march to your heart’s content
Your minds and hearts ugly and bent

See Fred has poetic abilities as well. haha march on march on march on to the amusement of those who laugh and laugh and laugh. Will there be more “citizens” burning their passports? I wonder if that last “protester,” you remember the one who burned his American passport has another one now? Did he reapply or is he “stateless?” Wonder if we could find out some how. Maybe you could ask him for us and find out what passport he is using to stay in Taiwan? or to travel? Could it be? Might it be? A grandiose posturing gesture? Do you think that he went back to AIT and applied for another passport? I would lay a sum of money on this that he did. Can you find out for us? hahah I just hope that he has the decency not to try to burn his American passport a second time. Others might remember that he did it the first time and go huh? I thought he already burned it? How could he burn it again? Oh you mean it was an empty grandiose posturing gesture but something that he didn’t really mean. OH dear and I thought the left was so committed to its ideals. Hahahaha

i just had fish and chips for lunch

Without America, there would be less terrorism.

Ahh, a subject worth discussing!

Did you have salt and vinegar applied at the shop or did you take them home and apply your own? I feel the application of salt and vinegar at home detracts from true “fish and chip” experience although I have heard some people like no salt and vinegar at all.
I am however, assuming you sought the take out option of the meal rather than the do it yourself alternative where one must organise the peeling and cutting of the potatoe chips and fry ones own fish.
In this given case the appliaction of salt and vinegar at the shop would be irrelevant. If you were to attend a given outlet to apply the salt and vinegar to your own self made (or microwaveable) meal then one could be met with such scorn form an outlet operative.

As much as I admire the simplicity of such a grand meal, I do however enjoy the complexities of Pizza.
It is here that I would like to discuss the merits of each pizza topping. I may go as so far as to ask you to indicate which is your personal favourite.

Perhaps we can consider your favourite pizza topping and how it relates to your political leaning…sorry?..what?..Oh, it’s been asked before in another thread? Oh…ahhh …yes, I remember. I wander if this post will get floundered too?

Seabass at the lovely Sheraton today. Fantastic sauce with capers, but I digress…

Bush has also repeated this charge in Ohio. That Kerry is more concerned about France than America and apparently it is working. Latest poll numbers show a significant shift in Ohio and Pennsylvania for Bush. Would be a damned shame if Bush were to win this election because of France. Perhaps I will fall a whole new reason to “fall in love all over again” a la Woody Allen. Falling in Love… Paris in the Spring… La Vie en Rose…