Franchise opportunity


I’ve been market testing a food product with good results, and want to start a company. One location, run by me, no employees at first, then once I’ve got enough history and numbers, I’d want to start selling it as a franchise opportunity.

Information in this particular forum is all incredibly outdated, so I’m hoping for some current status on:

  1. Cost of incorporating in Taiwan- it used to be $250,000NT, but I saw an article in 2009 stating it was “soon” to be reduced to only $10,000NT

  2. What is necessary for a business in Taiwan to offer an ARC?

  3. Exactly what kind of business type will I need to apply for in order to allow for the possibility of franchising?


Visit the website during business hours and they have online chat to answer your basic questions.

  1. Cost of incorporation is about NTD15,000 if you go through the whole process yourself. It’s a bit of work and you are likely to make mistakes along the way, which means it might take longer. If you use an accountant, it will cost you more (I heard NTD30,000), but they know what they’re doing.

  2. If you need ARC, minimum paid-in capital is NTD500,000. Revenue in year 1 needs to be NTD3m+.

  3. Limited liability company should work, depending on how you structure the franchise agreements.


Damn that 3million first year requirement is brutal, there’s no way I could be sure of hitting that the first year.

Anyone know a guy that hooks up foreigners to get “married” for visas? : p



Visit the website during business hours and they have online chat to answer your basic questions.[/quote]

Is the chat one of the Chinese options? I am not seeing it…it’s 3pm on a Wed. so I assume those are normally business hours.


That blue box that says ONline Support way over to the right.


I hear a lot of foreigners make extra revenue in the first few years by reporting traffic violations. Not sure how that pays and what kind of receipts you would need to issue, but it seems like it’s easy money.


Really? I often wondered how that can be done!