Franchise restored to Overseas Canadians


Voting rights restored permanently for all Canadians living overseas by SCC ruling. I will certainly reregister.


Wait until this sets you up to be double-taxed by Taiwan and Canada while working/living in Taiwan.
Be careful what you wish (voting rights) for, as other sheety “duties” follow behind.
I’d give up my overseas voting rights in order to not be double-taxed.


Only the US is that forked


Nahh, that’s still uniquely American.

I’ve had my franchise in Italy since I became an adult and I’ve never even lived there. Never paid a nickel in taxes. (Can’t say penny anymore, they got rid of them.)



The point is, some politicians in Canada will eventually say that if overseas Canadians are given voting rights, then they should also contribute to the treasury coffers. I give it 12 months before some Canuck politician makes that statement.


Except that only two countries tax based off citizenship. USA and Eritrea, the world’s model for democracy™. Hardly what I’d call a trend and the non-citizen residents that come into Canada certainly do pay taxes, more than making up for the shortfall we create.

Also, outside of Canada, I already pay for every service afforded to me by overseas representatives, such as passports and the like.