Frank Hsieh is the hare?

Su Tseng-chang will step in for the DPP candidate and Frank Hsieh will drop out. A possibility or not?

It seems there are forces work against Frank Hsieh already. Perhaps to be expected, and parhaps part or the plan. Let him take the brunt of the KMT offensive, and then closer to election time bring in Su Tseng-chang with little time to attack him and he gets to go into the elections as a clean candidate.

What a preposterous proposition.

Perhaps VP Lu will become the presidential candidate when Frankie is forced to drop out due to bribery charges.

yes, let this election be a show of who goes to jail first…

Don’t think either have a chance of going to jail before the election, appeals and all that.

Frankie says [quote]“I cannot bet my political career on the prosecutor’s impartiality because I cannot guarantee that Prosecutor Lo [Chien-hsun (羅建勛)] was fair,” Hsieh said in Taitung.

“Therefore, it is meaningless to [promise] I would withdraw from the presidential election [if indicted] now,” he said.

[/quote] aqccording to the Taipei times this morning.

Seems like Frank has been to master Chens for a kung fu lesson "scabies style" and how to hang on in there.

Frank Practicing the crab stance.