Frankfurt Tips?

Alley is going on business again, this time to Frankfurt.

Got the evenings to myself.

Any tips?

Hey Alleycat,

I remember that you had a similar post for tips for Shanghai back in August. How was your trip? Perhaps you can post some of the things you discovered in Shanghai in the Shanghai thread.

As for Frankfurt, I am sorry but I can’t be of much help. However, when you get back, please do post whatever you discover there here on Forumosa. I’ll bet more than a few members would be interested, especially with all of the conventions held there.

Have a great trip. Drink plenty of local beer–but you already knew that, right?!

Frankfurt has somewhat of a seedy reputation but I fell in love with it. Bombed heavily in WWII it is quite lacking in historical value but it is still a pretty cool place. Great markets and fabulous porn shopping. :smiley:

Seriously, jump on a tram, visit a beer house. Rely on your local business contacts there for tips. I am sure they will want to take you out.

Also has some of the fattest bees I have ever seen…

There’s still a little of the old Frankfurt left – the old town hall and its square are still there and there’s a wonderful film museum on the banks of the Rhine. Actually, the whole street facing the river is “museum street” – loads of museums, galleries, etc. (the film one is one of the best, though). I don’t know anything about the porn, but if you’re looking for kitchenware that you have absolutely no idea what it is or how its used, Frankfurt’s the place!
Beer? You’re spoiled for choice, of course, but I suggest you make sure to get a big plateful of “handclap with music” (sorry, can’t remember the German) along with a bellyful of apfelwein (like cider, but better). Your business contacts will almost certainly know the place for this if they are Frankfurters – there’s one particular place that’s renowned for it.
Pity you weren’t there at the end of August – there was a massive festival there sponsored by the banks and museums, with a night market set up on the riverbank. Bands, DJs, food and drink from all over the world, artisans selling their wares – imagine a local night market with creativity, class, high quality and diversity.

And take a warm jacket – it’ll be colder than a witch’s tit in the evening now.

Have two. Thanks. Gaunxi to you all.

Yeah…pretty cold here in Europe lately…it already started to snow in some places, so don’t expect the weather to be aspleasant as it would usually be at this time of the year…

I guess you are in Frankfurt for the book fair. What’s it like? How many Taiwanese companies are there?

Germany is a great country. Forget the stereotypes that you were raised with, and prepare to have a blast! As for Frankfurt, the girls are yummy! Truly.

There are usually some “flea markets” down by the river. It is a short walk from the train station.

When we lived in Frankfurt one summer my son and I used to get some soft drinks, go sit on the benches in front of the train station and watch the trams . . . . . (there are no trams in Taiwan) . . . . . . but that is hardly adult entertainment . . . . . . . there may also be some trade fairs, and those might be open late on some nights.

Any tips?

…eat a frankfurter?

Seriously, do frankfurters (sausages) come from Frankfurt?

P.S.: I am a little drunk now :o

They are called Wiener (from Vienna) in other parts of Eurpope, so I wouldn’t bet on it…

Do hamburgers come from Hamburg?

Do Chiko Rolls come from Chiko?

Does Russian salad dressing come from East Berlin?