Frank's Texas BBQ (Jiao-Xi, Yilan County)

Frank’s newest branch of Frank’s Texas BBQ is open and ready for business in Jiao-Xi, Yilan County. For those of you who have showed an interest, here are some pictures and the specific details of Frank’s Jiao-Xi branch of Frank’s Texas BBQ. I also included a copy of his 2010 menu. Enjoy. :bow:

Jiao-Xi Branch Webpage

This was on TV news today. Steak was far bigger than the reporters two hands extended.

Those prices seem, like, berserkly low, are they accurate??

[quote=“the chief”]Those prices seem, like, berserkly low, are they accurate??[/quote]Yes, the prices are accurate! Frank wants to bring the joy of steak to everyone by having large portions at reasonable prices, unlike most other restaurants in Taiwan which attempt to serve steak.

Man, just when I thought we couldn’t fit any more food into our vacation schedule for later this year, along comes this! We have two days in Jiaoxi, and way too much food we want to eat. I think I need a 2nd stomach!

Good luck Northcoast Surfer with the new restaurant!

[quote=“Taiwan for Life”]Good luck Northcoast Surfer with the new restaurant![/quote]Actually, it’s not mine. It’s my friend Frank Sampson’s restaurant chain. :bow: