Fraudulent Docs: Exactly what laws/penalties apply

Got a friend who did the fraud thing real bad. Fake degrees, resume, no ARC, got money, been here for years, no taxes paid on most of his income, is even a fake examiner for a major foreign english testing service.

Question is, precisely what laws has he violated? And what are the possible penalties that apply? For example, he worked at a university language center on a fake BA and fake diploma, and no ARC. What’s the possible penalties? I think he paid taxes through his wide somehow.


Sounds like it would be a great movie, sort of “Catch me if you can” the Taiwan version.

I can’t believe how bad some people want to teach English here. He/she will probably get deported if he/she is caught.

And if I was a teacher who got the ARC the legal way, or I owned a competent bushiban and found out someone was making a mockery out of my business this way, I would rat on them. So, why is he making confessions to other people? Is he getting ready to leave?

Nobody wants to rat on him. For one thing, he is completely likable, for another the universities that hired him are very embarassed. If he is publicly exposed, then the tests he performed for the foreign testing service are all revealed as bogus. Lots of face lost there too.


Well, I am sure he is a very nice person. Anybody who comes up with creative ways to thwart the ROC’s silly foreign labor laws is OK in my book, as long as they aren’t robbing me of any business or hampering my life.

Who cares what the universities think? That’s their fault for not doing their homework, same for the foreign testing services. It isn’t so hard to check references these days. They were probably so desparate for foreign help they sort of “forgot” to follow up on this.

What exactly is the problem though? Has he overstayed his visa?