Freaking Bees!

Hi guys,

A previous tenant of my room decided his bed wasn’t big enough for sexing, dragged it out onto the balcony and left it there for several years. The landlord was getting pissed, so I bought a saw and some bin bags and got to it. BUT INSIDE THERE IS A FREAKING BEE HIVE.

They are HUGE and golden coloured. If I knew this was just outside my bedroom window… :noway:

Suggestions? Will they all die in winter? Will I die if I attack them with a lighter and deoderant spray?

Actual, proper bees? Not wasps or hornets? There must be a way to remove them humanely, but I have no idea what it would be… I know smoke completely calms them down but I’m not sure it would do the same for your neighbours…

In any case, good luck! I hope you are able to deal with them without killing them…

If they’re wasps, it would probably be best to contact an exterminator. Or drop the mattress onto an obnoxious neighbour’s balcony…

I expect they were wasps, long disgusting bodies and their nest was a sickly grey colour. No golden hues suggesting sweet, succulent honey.

I don’t feel much remorse for having a hand in their genocide. My fearless landlord came up with a can of bug spray and a broom.

I suggest you call 110 to ask the police to help you would be better and safe ! They will remove bee hives and snakes appear in a residence occasionally

back in my country we used to call the fire department for this kind of issues, they would come and depending on if the bees were aggressive or dangerous they would disperse them or burn them… maybe not very humanitarian but when u have 20 kids running around that area u dont want any dangerous bee around as well