Freaking Georgia (absentee ballots)

I’m requesting an absentee ballot for the runoffs, as I have a business trip the week of the election.

I last requested one in 2020, before the new laws came into effect, when it was easy peasy. Now, I go to request one online… fill out my info like before, but now I have to provide id and personal info so they can see if it matches birthday, address, and I presume voter registration on file. I would be done at this point under the previous law.

But lost in the debate about voter id and new restrictions (can’t elect to be absentee for a whole election cycle (nevermind permanent absentee voter), have to do it per election now), now I have to print the mofo out to sign and scan it back in. dafuck. Can’t remember the.last time I had to print something, but it was apparently long enough that my ink is all dried out. So now I gotta go buy some ink or find a place to print out a ballot (ain’t no awesome.7-11s on every corner here). Shit fuckers.

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7/11 will let you print from USB if you’ve still got one of those.

He is in the US. So maybe a FedEx outlet that merged, I think, with Kinkos (copier company).

@Poundsand , you in the hinterland of Georgia or the coast?

Atlanta burbs.

FedEx / Kinkos is a good idea. They slipped my mind now that they’re not Kinkos anymore. thanks for the reminder.

Just about any office supply store of any size in the US (think chains like Staples, OfficeDepot, etc.) will have a copy and print center. Mostly you can plug in a USB thumb drive or even pull up your email and print things.

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The Office Depot by me closed shop, and no Staples nearby. Looks like there’s still an Office Max nearby… The fedex is nearby though - I’ll end up there (speaking of FedEx/Kinkos, what a stupid rebranding… I would’ve never even remembered Kinko’s if @CTaitung hadn’t mentioned it, and certainly wouldn’t have thought ‘oh, let’s go to FedEx to print.’).

I believe some UPS stores may print stuff, too, especially perhaps those that rent mailboxes.

I think all ups stores rent mailboxes, because they used to be mailboxes etc. :smiley:

the one by me doesn’t - it’s a tiny little cave in a strip mall. it’s where I go to drop off my Amazon returns. :smiley:

Yeah, UPS convenient for free returns of cable/satellite TV equipment, etc.

Yea, Republicans wants to keep blacks and latinos from voting because they all vote Democrat… that’s what voter ID laws are all really about.

and apparently young people. might as well make people find a fax machine.

Just download PDFEscape or similar and draw in your signature with your mouse/touchpad.

has to be a ‘wet’ signature signed with ink, by law.

Yeah, gonna go with no. To all of that.

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Brb checking my calendar to see what year it is…
Oh it’s 2022 still. Didn’t go through a wormhole.

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yep. it’s new. you know, for security. because that’s probably more secure than a digital certificate. and after having to include id info and provide pii to match to id.