Freaky China Weapons 2021

It’s all in chinese and its CCTV. But wondering if anyone has heard of this? I don’t know how much of it is legit but specifically start from 16:30 until the end.

Literally making fake lifelike animals that move with cameras and weapons installed.

This has got to be the freakiest 1984 stuff I have ever seen.

I saw this movie a few years ago, the CGI doesn’t seem to have changed much…

Also, RIP Alan Rickman

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It’s legit. Something a lot of countries have been working on for years.

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Yes, not a surprise at all. That -together with a jab at the ‘working on it’ aspect of the video- was kinda my point…

In a recent assassination in Iran the Israelis were supposed to have used some automated or remote control gun to kill a nuclear scientist.

Looks like some freaky shit that should never been invented. 2021 is the year everyone should boycott CCP.

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Old news in the world of robotics. New news? 30cm tall “hubots” teleoperated by special forces operators hundreds of kilometers away. Dropped from the sky at night and swarming thru urban war zones firing miniature but highly lethal weapons. Going anywhere they want like rats in the night gathering intel and decapitating the enemy. 10m tall hubots teleoperated from a safe distance by rescue workers lifting collapsed portions of burning buildings like lego blocks . . .

Try telling that to all of the chickens I’ve eaten… :laughing:

Next are AI nano viruses.

This stuff isn’t particularly difficult these days. There’s a video somewhere on YouTube of some nutcase (Russian, IIRC) who built himself a drone from stuff off eBay and strapped a couple of AK47s to it.

The flying animals thing … yeah, it’s kind of old-hat. The military spooks have been talking about this sort of thing for years.


The rumours were the gun was positioned on the roadside and had AI camera identifying number plates and it shot up that car.
It could just have been remote operated car with machine gun or drone or anything really I guess.

Part of the evil plan. They eventually reassemble…

Precision bombs are actually good news for civilians. You don’t have to worry too much even if you live near the homes of the president or premier.

Freaky Transformers!

The mechanics are understood, but I wouldn’t say they aren’t difficult. A continuing problem area is powering these things and getting them to fly quietly.

I was at aiaa scitech maybe 15 yrs ago and they had a whole microdrone track, with things like biomimic dragonfly drones. Ultra cool, but all on tethered power.

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There are 6 axis cnc that makes stuff rivaling master wood carvers, but such machines are also insanely expensive. I heard machines like this require registration on the off chance of someone making weapons…

Except I don’t need such machines to do that. I use manual cnc, my brain is the computer.

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Flying metal balls are a bit in the past. Bio and digital are the new thing :slight_smile: hurray for an intelligent species!

Just so you know that particular scene in Breaking Bad does not work. They tried in Mythbusters and the machine gun bullet scattered all over the place, killing not only the bad guys but also the heroes as well.

In the scene they drilled holes in the wall and stuck bullet squibs in it to make the machine gun shoot a straight line. In reality it scatters all over the place like a shotgun.