Fredfest IX: Nine Lives

Dear Fredfesters:

Looks as if I will be back in Taipei in mid July. Is anyone up for a Fredfest on Saturday July 17? Venue, cost, details to be determined but I am of half a mind (the usual state of affairs say some) to have it at the Grand Hotel again. We will cap this at 14 I think.

Love Fred

Oh yes, please. :beer:

So long as I’m in Taiwan at the time, I am IN!

I predict an oversubscribed event.

Have it in Tainan.

Can I be the # 15 attendee? :laughing:

What I mean is, put me down if there is room.

I’m in…

I would be, but that is the camping weekend. :doh: Can you make it one week earlier?

I’ll see if I can swing a flight on Friday night or Saturday morning, but I’m not certain of availability. I would like to attend at least ONE fredfest.

I’m in! But hope you change the date a bit too, cause I bought an awesome hammock! XD

Why don’t you take the hammock to fredfest?

Is it a banana hammock?

ew. I thought it was something gross. What are you doing? Wanna go plaaaaaaaaaaaaay?

Me? Teaching. Now. And on my iPhone. Haha. I might play at Luxy tonight.

have fun with your teenybopper scum

Or would July 10 be better. I am arriving that day but what the hell. Let me know and details to follow…

Yes, July 10th would be much better! Then MJB, lupillus, wookiee, and I and other outdoorsy Forumosans could have our cake and eat it, too!

Oooh… a new FredFest… :lick: :hungry: :boo-hoo:
(That last smiley signifies live entertainment by virtuoso violinists!)

Fred, I’ll arrange my schedule for FF9. Either date is good for me.

Sounds great.

July 10 would be better for me. I will be out of the country the weekend of July 17.