Fredfest V: Keeping the Feast Alive!

Dear Gang:

How does East Prussian Hunting Feast at Paris 1930 Landis Hotel sound? I am thinking of quail, pheasant, goose, duck, rabbit, venison. Something along those lines. If anyone likes wild boar, I will check into it but I am not personally a fan.

The wine to be Riesling and Spatburgunder Pinot Noir along with copious amounts of Champagne.

Dates? Are Fridays okay or does this need to be Saturday? If so, Friday November 17 is a Friday as is Nov. 24 or Saturday November 25? December 9? Sorry but the calendar is a bit full right now.

Anyway, please advise and when a core group of five or six is on board, we can finalize.

Price will be about NT$3,000 per person with wine and Champagne (to be brought along) extra. Hours from 7:00 PM to 12:00/1:00 AM.


Can I be the first to say I’d love to come but I’m busy ?

Fred, I’d love to make it to one of these, but Sundays are all I’ve got available. Let me know if you ever do one on a Sunday…

What a pity. I am sure that we will try our best, as difficult as that will be, to keep up a good show despite your absence.

It is the hangover potential (and the reality) that make Saturday night so much more appropriate. What time do you finish up on Saturday? and will the V. be available? Hell, for a Prussian hunting feast, we may have to have a special place for Gustav. haha

It is the hangover potential (and the reality) that make Saturday night so much more appropriate. What time do you finish up on Saturday? and will the V. be available? Hell, for a Prussian hunting feast, we may have to have a special place for Gustav. haha[/quote]
The V and I close our school doors at 8:00 pm every Saturday night. Gustav would love to be invited, I’m sure - all he requires is a juicy bone - but unless I brought my white cane and dark glasses, and a special harness for him, I doubt he’d be welcome at the Landis! :sunglasses:

Where is this place? The menu sounds really good.


What time would you be able to arrive. Champagne hour is from 7 to 8 and I could hold off dinner for a while to wait for the two of you. And let me check on Gustav. Never know…

Paris 1930 is THE best restaurant in town. I talked to the chef at the Canadian Ball last Saturday and told him to expect a barbaric motley crew of hard drinking, swearing, argumentative, violent beasts (in fitting with the East Prussian theme) and he said no problem. Also, who knows… Let me check on dog-friendly status and see what happens. We will be in a private room so that should alleviate the concern. Besides, a hunting feast must have hunting beasts right?

I am thinking of one of those Rembrandt paintings with all the feathered fowl littering the table and all the corpulent boozers lolling about the edges. haha

I’d go except for this…

[quote]Thanks guys.

Wow, what a horrible week I had.

Luckily for me one of my students is a cardiologist and took the time to do the all tests and explain things as well as he could to an old canknucklehead like me. I am one test result away from being given a clean bill of health, or at least permission to go excercise all I want.

Wish I could say the whole experience taught me something about how precious life is or something like that but honestly right now all I feel is scared and angry to have yet another issue hanging over my head, and I still have a pain in my chest.

Oh, here’s something really practical I learned… In people predisposed to cardiac trouble extra calories are converted into cholesterol so if heart trouble runs in your family my advice is to start counting calories now.[/quote] … highlight=

That’s nice, but you still didn’t tell me where is it. :wink:

Or where it is for that matter.

Google wants to be your friend.

Here’s some info about Paris 1930 from (October 2005)

[quote]41, MinQuan E. Rd., Sec. 2 ; (02) 2597-1234
*Hours: Monday~Sunday/6:30 pm-11:30 pm

Taipei has only one establishment restaurant and that is Paris 1930 at The Landis Hotel. As Taipei’s premier restaurant, expect to be pampered with the finest food, wine and service that Taipei has to offer. Chef Neil Jamieson is a master of nouvelle cuisine and that artistry is apparent in the meticulously elegant presentation that, despite its beauty, is still first and foremost about pleasing the palates of Taiwan’s most discerning diners. If your budget can stomach it, you will also find a range of wines without equal, not only in terms of selection, but also fortunately, in terms of price.

The Numero Uno of Taipei dining establishments has stunning menus priced from NT$2,250 plus 10 percent. While this may seem like a substantial amount, the value for the money over, say, NT$1,800 or even NT$1,500 at a restaurant with vastly inferior standards, makes the decision an easy one for diehard sybarites. Ponder dishes, such as Caramelized Scallops topped with uni, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree and Truffle Froth, Pan-Fried Fish with Sevruga Caviar Sauce on a bed of braised Savoy cabbage, or Roasted Breast of Bresse Pigeon, Magret Duck and Pheasant with Chanterelles. These are just three of the wonderful dishes on a recent eight-course menu. [/quote]

Thank you!

i can recommend “Paris 1930” as arguably the finest restaurant to be found in taiwan

and if Fred smiths chose a french restaurant with a canadian at the helm,then you know it’s got to kick ass…

If there’s room for new members at the FredFest table, I’d be interested in this (I like Paris 1930 and the proposed menus sounds great).


An East Prussian hunting feast at the Landis sounds positively ausgezeichnet! I would be very interested in attending.

Fridays vs. Saturdays is not a huge concern for me (although Saturday is somewhat better). Of the dates you mentioned, the December 9 one sounds best to me, just because Nov. 17-28 my mother will be visiting to see her new grandson, and I’m not sure she’d be prepared to face Taiwan’s Prussian hunting hordes. :wink:

Will look forward to updates here as this thing comes together…


EDIT: On my dates input: It just occurred to me that grandma’s presence in Taiwan might open up the possibility that she’d be willing to babysit – which would make it much more likely that Mrs. Hobbes could attend the feast (and I do suspect she will be keen). So I take it back: the November dates would be good as well. The only one that might rule me out would be November 17, as that is when I plan to pick up my mom at the airport.

I am also more than willing to go. Please get the dates confirmed. Saturday is better for me.

Quite soon to have to endure another Fredfest. :snore:

My doctor says I can’t withstand another episode but I’m sure I can sneak out the back. :laughing:

Is BA going to make it?

Damn me, I’m traveling in November!@!! December :slight_smile:

There’s a God and he’s republican! :laughing:

Count me in…