Free!-All you can drink! @ Club Wax-January 10+17

No strings attached. Well, not really. I only ask that you pick up your pass from me before midnight.

I’ve got 15 free passes for Forumosans to Club Wax for next Wednesday night, Jan 10th.

Club Wax is an all-you-can-drink-bar with an extensive drink menu including all the standard mixed drinks and a few kinds of beer. There are plenty of tables where you could chat, and also ample dance space. The music generally tends to be hip-hop.

It’s located at the corner of Roosevelt/Heping road in Taipei.

The exact address is: B1, No. 67, Sec. 2, Roosevelt Rd

Hope to see a bunch of you there. Either post on here that you’d like to go, or shoot me a PM! :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to go. I had a good time dancing like a serial killer on parole last time.

I too will be there.
Free drinks?
Yes please.

Woo hoo! Wax!

Wax is amusing.

Come on! It’ll be fun! It’ll be a riot!

Who else is gonna come?

Confirmed to be there:

miltonkid +1

Considering this offer has been viewed 132 times this is an astoundingly low number.
I never knew giving away a night of free drinking would be so hard!
There’s still room, so if you want to come please let me know!

Ok, I’ll bite. Can I get two tickets? Should I send my name to you by private message? Thanks in advance!


[quote=“ClubWax”]It’s located at the corner of Fuxing/Heping road in Taipei.

The exact address is: B1, No. 67, Sec. 2, Roosevelt Rd.[/quote]

At the risk of having TomHill come in here and accuse me of being a prick, may I, with humility, ask for a clarification of that address? I mean, the corner of Fuxing and Heping isn’t near Roosevelt Road.

Sorry TomHill… somebody has to be the prick.


I thought Tigerman was coming too.


Thanks for catching that Tigerman.
I have no idea why I said Fuxing. I meant the corner of Roosevelt/Heping.
I’ve corrected it.

Updated list:

miltownkid +1
chainsmoker +1 (awaiting confirmation)

Still room for more.
It’s happening tonight. :slight_smile:


Club wax was packed!

Thanx 4 da night

I’m properly shitfaced


definitely c u next time.


DUDE! Juba was :notworthy: on the dance floor. I seriously would have paid to see that. SERIOUSLY!

Man, last night was a blast.
Thanks to all who came out and filled the place.
It was nice to get some surprise drop-ins.
The great Juba/Miltownkid dance-off was the absolute highlight of the night.
Chainsmoker, it was good to meet you, and lupillus your presence was helpful as you know.
Funk500 came stumbling down the street but I couldn’t even drag him in for a free drink. WEAK!

Anyways, I’ve got a bunch more free tickets for next Wednesday, 17th.
Give me a shout on here or call me if you want one.

Funk500 came stumbling down the street but I couldn’t even drag him in for a free drink.[/quote]
Hey man, I’ve worked on that walk!

Well if you look like a beegee you should be able to dance like one. I’m sorry I missed that. Pics anyone?

I’m bringing my digi cam next week. I’ll hook up some photos. I’m not a religious man, but I’ll pray that Juba shows up again.

We’re doing it again tonight, PM me for a free all-you-can-drink ticket!
Featuring all the usual debauchery, what else are you doing?

I’ll have to give it a miss - I’m ill.