Free beer on Fridays at new Taipei hostel

The Meeting Place, a new hostel near Houshanpi MRT and Songshan Train Station, is having it’s second weekly beer night this Friday! Get one free beer when you show up! Subsequent beers will be sold at a reasonable price. Come and meet some travelers or other Taipei people!

This week there’s also a special deal where beer night guest can sleep in the hostel for free on Friday night. Useful if you want to stay late without worrying about catching the last metro train. (If you want to stay, come by 10pm, and come early if you want a guaranteed spot. If the beds are all full, you’re welcome to sleep on the floor, though you might have to bring your own pillow).

Come on over and have some fun! I’m not going to be there this time, but this is the place I work, and the people who came last week seemed to really like it.

Google Maps:
Phone: 02-2782-6056
Facebook: … 1639849520 (includes directions on how to get here)