Free Bird in Taipei

He or she fell from the nest last summer and has been living in my classroom on a good diet of worms and pellets. Its a songbird that is called “old man white head” or thereabouts in Chinese. It’s a very common bird around Taipei parks and countryside. His wing was broken and it never acquired the necessary skill to fly. It’s a cute bird with a cute song. It’s healthy and is pretty calm in the hand once you catch it. It won’t perch on your finger like a parrot, but its cute, free, and needs a nice home.

I have several other birds and newborn baby, so I must rehome it.

Call 0981-141-639

Here is a link to a picture of a similar one. … s:500,i:55

Do you think he would survive outside? I have a piece of land that’s cultivated and has plenty of worms and bugs, with a sheltered rise at the back with trees where (I guess) he could roost even if he can’t fly. Just wondering how well he’d be able to fend for himself though, or if he’d just wander off and get into trouble.

Broken wing = cat food. And birds are right thick. Never know where the bread is buttered. Bloke’s gotta stay in a cage for his own safety. :2cents:

Yeah, that’s what I figured. Pity.

I can’t be the only one who thought that Lynyrd Skynyrd was coming here in concert am I?

I actually thought it something to do with that ridiculous Buddhist nonsense of freeing birds that are to be recaptured and resold. Never crossed my mind that someone would actually be giving away a wild bird with a broken wing for FREE.

That was my first thought as well.

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it would have to be caged.

For an injured wild bird contact any Wild Bird Society branch or
the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute (TESRI). In Taipei, contact info is on

For a moment, I wondered if he was trying to offload his unwanted gf.

It’s a “white-headed bulbul” in English