Free buses in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung has launched a couple of free bus services for tourists, and scrapped charges on one regular service.

Until Feb 6, buses between Kaohsiung HSR Station and the town of Qishan (旗山, aka Cishan) are free. This service runs about every half hour (seven days a week) and takes around 40 minutes to get from one end to another, traveling along Freeway 10. A few services go on to Meinong. Cishan isn’t very interesting in itself, but once there you can catch a bus to Meinong, Liugui or Jiaxian.

Also until Feb 6, on weekends and holidays only, there are approximately hourly tourist buses heading from Qishan to Meinong (stopping at various places including the Yellow Butterfly Valley), and from Qishan to Neimen (home of the Songjiang Battle Array).