Free Cajun cooking class Sunday April 15

Today I attended the first of two free Cajun cooking classes at Jason’s in Taipei 101 conducted by Chef Roy Lyons. It was a really enjoyable event, first and foremost because of the food. Chef Roy Lyons patiently demostrated how to prepare a chicken and pork jambalaya and arrived with samples prepared for the crowd so they didn’t have to wait for it to be finished. The taste was incredible. Better than any I have had anywhere, nevermind in Taiwan. He is also a colorful presenter, not to mention a master chef.

If you like cajun cooking (or spicy food of any type) at all, I highly recommend the show on Sunday. Jason’s brochure says they start at 2:00 pm. The organizers told me that Chef Roy Lyons is doing a prep show and brunch at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant before the show at about 11:00 am. For whatever it’s worth to everyone this was a really enjoyable event to me and some of the best bites of cajun food I have ever tasted.

Wow, that sounds great! I probably can’t make it tomorrow but would be VERY interested in more advanced notice of similar events in the future. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Chef Roy will be in Teinmu at the community Center from 10-1. He’ll also be at the Landis on Tuesday from 12-2.

For those of you in Kaohsiung, he’ll be the guest of honor at my restaurant on Wednesday April 18th. He’ll be giving a talk about his years in biz or something like that. However, we are already booked for the event, but he will be giving a demo at the culinary school on the 19th.