FREE CHINA magazine promoted democracy in the 1950's

I am wondering if anyone can point me to online information about the FREE CHINA magazine headed by Lei Jenn, (who was educated in Japan). This magazine was popular in Taiwan in the 1950’s for promoting freedom and democracy. Apparently it was ordered to close in September 1960.

I am particularly interested in details of what happened to the persons involved in the magazine’s publishing during its final few months and after the closing.

I believe you are getting things a bit mixed up. Lei Chen was a “mainlander” liberal who advocated immediate democracy for Taiwan and was greatly influenced by American liberalism. Lei Chen, formerly a high ranking official in the KMT, published the Free China Journal in the 50’s and was later arrested on a charge of “aiding communists” for trying to work with Taiwan nationalists in establishing the Chinese Democratic Party, the first opposition party.

You could contact the government information office directly via email
The GIO publishes the Taiwan Journal (formerly Free China Journal).