Free Chinese Class, Fri Oct. 13 15:30-17:00

I have the opportunity to do a demonstration of a very different method of Chinese teaching at NTNU. I can teach the attendees a different language that also uses characters, but usually for Chinese teachers (the target audience), the thing that really convinces them is seeing people with no Chinese do a 90 minute class and end up able to understand spoken Chinese and read a story that’s like 400 words long, all written in characters.

So the only thing missing is a few volunteers who have little or no spoken Chinese (and certainly do not read any) who could come to a class on Friday afternoon, October 13 at NTNU in Taipei.

Anyone up for that? It’s kind of hard to find people who really have little or no Chinese here, but it would be really worthwhile. Anybody with little or preferably no Chinese at all, age 12 and up, would be fine for this, though English speakers are best. If you think you are truly hopeless at Chinese, this would be a great opportunity to be proven wrong!

PM me if you are interested. I need to get at least 3-5 “students” to run this, otherwise I’ll have to go with the other demonstration.

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How about doing something separate for those that may understand a little Chinese? Does the program also work if you know a little Chinese?

Yes, but this is primarily a demo for the folks at Shita. They will not
find it convincing if the students have some Chinese already. :frowning:

I went to the one-day event you did last year for Chinese teachers and loved it. You might find more newbies on some of the facebook sites (foreigners in taiwan, foreigners society in taiwan, language exchange, etc.). Good luck!

Thanks, great suggestion! I didn’t know about those pages.

I have about four people already, so adding those pages you suggested –
it looks like this might actually work out! :slight_smile:


Bump, can still take a couple more people if anyone is interested.

gosh i am curious. this is in front of an audience?
I am willing to give it a try!
I am a native english speaker, just moved here for a masters program, do not speak much mandarin at all, in fact I find it terrifying.
I am new to this forum, you can contact me at

Will email.

Shita says no go, it’s a closed session. Because, I don’t know why. Just because. The students are coming in to be the students but I can’t have anyone who wants to see the content, apparently.

However – it looks as though something may happen next year (late summer) with another institution in Taipei, so stay tuned.

Okay, apparently it’s not closed after all.

So if anyone is interested in seeing how this method works, you’re welcome to observe. The session is 3:30 to 5:30 tomorrow (Friday, Oct 13) at Shida, Bo’ai Building, 5th floor.

Hi, my husband is interested. He has zero Chinese. Let me know when and where to come!



For those who are asking for Google maps and stuff – I don’t know how to share that. Please just plug the address into Google and find it.

Shita is National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU).
It should be 162 Hoping E. Road Sec 2 if memory serves. Got a lot of letters to that address back in the day. Bo’ai building is behind the library, which is the round shaped building. 5th floor in Bo’ai Building.

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