FREE computer online RPG...addictive

One of the funnest computer games I’ve played in the last year or two is a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) called Conquer. The original was made in China and some guys in the states made an English version which is 100% free to download and play. The registration asks some weird questions but if you read the fine print it says itself that you can lie about any of the answers you like…they just use the questions for verification incase you lose your password.

The graphics are a bit dated (but it’s free), but the game has many many levels of depth once you get into it. The developers make their money by selling certain valuable ingame items for cash through the internet. But you in no way need to buy these items…as you can find them yourself in the game. And not to difficultly. Many of the people I met ingame who have played for years have never spent a dime on buying ingame items…and never felt like they needed to.

The whole game has a fantastical Asian setting with Chinese characters on stores and what not.

You can get the game and see screenshots…ect at [quote] [/quote]

Be forewarned…it can be very addictive. They even have some warnings when the game starts up telling you about the health risks of playing too much.

If you get into the game let us know. So others can play it too. It takes awhile to get use to at first…but most good games do.