Free Energy?

I’m not a science-minded person. So when this website asked if I thought the scienctific community should support their research, I voted “yes”: give it a shot, why not? Free energy sounds good.
Anyways, apparently, the majority of people voted “no”. For those of you who have a scientific background, does this just look like a hoax website? … p?p=267978

ARG = (Alternate Reality Game)

I don’t think it’s an ARG, and I do think they believe what they’re saying.

It does seem remarkably similar to a Minato motor, though, which is an amazing bit of equipment but in no way magical.

I went ot the site and the only thing I learned was that what the OP says … nothing more … so what is the technology about?
I can claim the same thing … it’s like politicians, using a lot of words and actually saying nothing.

I wandered around a bit, read forums and interviews and chat logs. Steorn won’t show the device to anyone on the record, but people who have seen it say it consists of magnets mounted on a wheel, and another magnet set a little away from the wheel (just like a Minato motor).

They claim 285-400% efficiency (Minato reports 330%). An interesting difference is that Steorn directly say they are violating Conservation of Energy. Minato, meanwhile, sidesteps the question with “I’m just using the magnetic power in my permanent magnets”. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Minato motors, however, work. There are real prototypes, they’ve been shown at conferences, people have played with them. There are lots of details and photos at the link I gave. Apparently he’s had various commercial deals for them which haven’t worked out for one reason or another (A Saudi company pulled out just after 9/11, and he almost had a deal with ENRON).

Interesting stuff, anyway

I read the Minato website and isn’t that the basic for the Maglev train … moving from magnet to magnet?

Governments/Secret Society’s/Reptoids seem to shut these things down. I mean they have water powered cars too… But we don’t.

They do?

I know they have hydrogen powered cars which produce water as exhaust, but as I understand it they end up not being very useful – the power needed to create the hydrogen is too high.

They can burn water now?

Water Powered Welding
HHO Gas - Gasoline Replacement (haven’t watched this whole one, but it seems like it does some explaining.) - I didn’t recognise the dudes site, it loos much better than it did a few months ago. This is the guy from the first video.

The newest thing I’ve seen. Google HHO and Klein to find more. I could also dig up a movie of a guy driving a water powered car in like the seventies (I posted it once before,) but he ended up dying mysteriously (that’s the story I found anyway.)

I truyly believe technologies like this pose a real thread to big oil businesses. That’s why we’re all not drivng water powered cars (or at least very fuel efficient cars.)

I’m not exactly sure how the process works. I read it once before, but it was obviously a tad over me.

Yes. And they have for a long time too. “Gangstas make the world go round.”

Yowza. Not too sure I want that stuff burning between my legs to push the bike along :slight_smile: