Free file sharing?

How can I download music? Kazza lite is not free anymore. Is there anything else? Thanks.

It isn’t? I just downloaded a file…

Kazzalite will always be free! Of course there are always those who will try to rip people off :frowning:
Here is the link to the FREE Kazzalite
Rember P2P doesn’t work unless people SHARE!

Kazza lite is free to use, but it’s more difficult to download Kazaa lite now. You have to download from somewhere else than the Kazaa site. Try the link above… or do a quick search on google.

Thanks for the links! I found what I was looking for. I thought the fee sites were because of some legal issue or whatever but didn’t want to pay. Still free and still cool! Thanks again.

Cool! Just curios, what kind of download speeds are you getting? Which supernode are you connected to?

If you want to use kazaa then use a good (& updated) virus protection…