Free foreign language speaking tour-guide service

How’s the tourism service in Taiwan compare to any other countries in Asia?

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My friend’s parents came to visit. Because he had to work all the time, so it turned out to be me and my boyfriend’s job to show them around. We took them all over Taipei, but we didn’t have time for the trip elsewhere. So even they stayed in Taiwan for the one whole month, Taipei is all about taiwan to them.
Because they don’t understand Chinese, it’s just too difficult for them to get to anywhere on their own. So it brought me the idea of starting an on-line tour-guide service. I would like to find people who can speak mid-level English or any other languages to be tour-guides, people like university students, because they’ve got flexible schedule, or anyone who’s interested. But the payment for the tour-guides is goona be low,I don’t mean to make any profits on this, this is gonna be an organization instead of a firm. But about how to cover the expenses, or whether I should work with the government or not, that’s for later, I can’t come up with a solution now.
I’ve done the research, there were only 2 million tourists came to vist last year. There are many reasons for that of course, and I think the language is one of them.
Any ideas?

Maybe you can start with covering lodging (if needed), meals and transportation.

I went to China on a local HK tour…and was dismayed because the tour guide only speaks in Cantonese…even if he know putonghua:(



I’m sure the number of tourists who come to Taiwan is much less than two million per year. That is just the number of Visitor Visas issued, but more than 90% of the people who get Visitor Visas come here to live and work, not for sight-seeing.

I don’t know how many people come to Taiwan for sight-seeing, but off the top of my head, I would guess it would be only a few thousand per month.

Also, most of the tourists who come to Taiwan are Asians (mostly from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore). Very few tourists come from Western countries.