FREE hacked psp + charger + 8 physical games, mostly rare RPG's to someone that'd use it


Comes with a bunch of original games, most pretty rare RPG’s of tactical RPG’s.

It’s a bit scuffed and old, but does it’s thing fine. Sound works, display works, no dead pixels. I bet there’s a buffer out there that will make the screen nice as new.

Semi-baited! Alright, so 99% free. Trading everything for a Venti Iced Vanilla Cold Brew @ Starbucks (160NTD?) if you wanna pick it up in TianMu :stuck_out_tongue: available any afternoon.

or if you have a NTD account, can just send the same amount with address and I’ll ship it to you.

PSP is pretty old, but hacked ones hold a pretty good value and these games are worth a decent amount, esp. Final Fantasy Crisis Core, alone, is still $27 USD on Amazon.

Would prefer this go to someone that would use it rather than sell it, but if you wanna resell that’s cool too if no one wants to use it. I can’t be bothered.

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Gone ~~