Free Jelo CD give-away! -Attention House music lovers!

[color=blue] Here’s your opportunity to score one of the best live house CDs released in 2005! [/color]

click images to see fullsize!

I’m giving away [color=red]1 NEW copy of “Jelo - Live at System”[/color] to someone who posts in this thread. In addition, [color=red]I am giving away a further 10 (authorized) copies [/color]that wont include album art…

This offer is FREE to you!

[color=orange]This CD is chalk full energy![/color] Intro and outro done live by MC Flippside and scratching done live by DJ Dopey. This is the real thing baby! This was NOT recorded in a studio. This happened live in one of Toronto’s hottest clubs, System Soundbar. So don’t hesitate, just post in this thread for a chance to win 1 real copy of Jelo’s new CD or 1 of 10 copies that do not include album art. :smiley: :smiley:


Just post here,
“I want a free CD!!”

Here are a few mp3’s to get you feelin it!




For booking, media and all the rest, visit

I want a free CD!!

ok dance music lovers, ARE ANY OF YOU OUT THERE?

Here’s a little teaser from the album

I want a free CD!!


i want a free CD too!

actually, i got a free JELO cd before, and i liked it…but hot damn if i can remember where in the world i got it…ggrrrr ill try to remember

I want a free CD!!

I need something thumping to ride my bike to on long rides.

anyone else?

ME ME!!!

I am closing this conest. Everyone who entered is a winner. twocs, you’ll get album including the covers. Everyone else will get copies.

I’ll be in Taipei this Saturday afternoon. For those of you in Taipei I hope we can arrange a convenient meeting time/place. If not, I’ll come in some other time…

If you’re not in Taipei, let me know.

Please PM me your cell numbers and real names…

PS…If anyone wants a copy, just post and it’s yours… :bravo: