FREE mandarin classes -- experiment of new mandarin material

Need to have a group students and 2 private (1 on 1) students to try out the new Mandarin material.
It’s all free. But there are 2 conditions :

  1. This experiment have to be carried on for 1~2 month(s), so even you start to hate mandarin, you still have to finish it; also if you getting love it, there will be no more than that.
  2. Those who want to join this has to know nothing about this language, means from zero. Just so we can see if this material really help.

Feel free to contact by
Any questions are welcome.

Merry Christmas ~
It was a wonderful christmas, wasn’t it?
I’ve got all the people I need, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Experiment 1. :
2 hours per week, to find out how much can students learn in 1 month.
We’re going to find out how many hours per week is the best for learning mamdarin with the new material, how much can people learn and what’s the different.
Thank you again for not thinking this might be a joke and Merry Christmas plus Happy New Year~
P.S. if you are interested in the experiment 2. (or it’s more like a research _) and you are qualified (can’t speak Mandarin at all, except…xie xie, ni hao those stuff), please feel free to contact.