[Free Mandarin Course ▏The Mysterious Chinese Characters] (April,16)

Hello, every foreign learner that is totally obsessed with Chinese and its culture,
may I have your attention please.
Now we offered a serie of Mandarin Course which relate to culture and its language.

The course suits whoever:

  1. gets interested in Chinese culture and wants to know more about the basis of strokes making up various Chinese characters.
  2. has difficulty distinguishing similar Chinese characters and is thus eager to learn the strategies to tell them from one another.
  3. wants to fluently communicate with native speakers, to have audio-oral skill training, and to familiarize themselves with the Chinese social-cultural background.

lThe course aims to lead students to:
1.Learn Chinese culture, philosophy and values from different perspectives through the form, structure and evolution of Chinese characters.
2.Enhance students’ cross-culture communication ability and to equip them with international perspectives through extensive activities.

If you’re quite interested in the course, and has studied Chinese for more than 3 months.
Please check the following link to obtain more detailed information. You are very welcome to join our class.

WHEN:14:0-16:00,April 7th,14th,21st,2016
WHERE:Work is Studio #MRT Technology Building
No.2, Aly. 6, Ln. 337, Sec. 2, Fuxing S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City
(right next to NTUE campus/ walking distance of MRT Technology Building by 5mins )

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I was interested but you lost me when scheduled it on weekday. Let us know when you have it on weekends…

Thank you for interesting!
We really enjoy the class, so this is series 2 about Chinese characters.
#02 Chinese Character, Marriage and the Family changed its date to Fri. 15 April.
We are gonna having the class in an historic building.
You are so welcome to join us!

All the news in our website here: www.myscharacters.blogspot.com

It is still not on weekend, so I still can’t join.

I wish you guys have a great time!