Free New York Times insert

Mondays the free “Lienhebao” given out near subway stations includes an 8-page English insert of content from the NYT. I think it’s Monday only. some interesting articles, funny as i was reading it i had the sensation i was actually reading a real newspaper, imagine that :wink: pick it up

I thought I saw it in the Tuesday one last week. Could it be every day?

i’m pretty sure it’s not every day. but i haven’t gotten the paper each day of the week yet. both times i saw it was monday.

It’s every Monday for sure. Maybe it is a smaller insert for that day but definitely on Monday it has the regular insert.

Yeah, it’s Mondays. It’s an insert in the United Daily News. I figure they are printing stories from the Sunday Times edition. The one I saw last week had mostly Science and Arts stories

It began two months ago. It’s 8 pages on Mondays only. It’s a business deal between the NYTimes and the UDN. They had a big opening ceremony in September when it launched when a NYT official from NY flew over to shake hands with the CEO of UDN. It’s verbatim copy and design and layout from the NYTimes people in New York, sent over by computer and assembled here, and it’'s a mishmash of everything: politics, editorials, culture, features, science, everything.

The NYTimes is trying to brand itself as an international paper, so it gets itself into other countries via these paid inserts, the UDN pays, not the NYT, and they do this in Tokyo, Brazil, Spain, Korea, around 25 countries. In Tokyo, the English papers there carry these inserts from the NYtimes, the UK Indepedent and even the Washington Post. But here in Taiwan, in an unusual move, it’s the Chinese-language UDN that carries the NYT insert. I wonder WHO can read it.

I read it every Monday. Buy the UDN for just NT$10, throw the main paper away and read the NYTimes in all its august glory. Actually, the articles appear to have been shortened for readership in UDN and there are not all that many articles. The last page is a fullpage ad in Chinese, and there are some bilingual parts.

But yes, just to feast one’s eyes of a REAL newspaper in English, an exact replica, almost, of the daily NYT, is amazing. Worth your ten dollars. go to 711 and pick it up there.

My guess is the experiment is a failure, in that i cannot imagine which readers of the UDN can really get thru a real NYTimes article. But for native speakers/readers, it’s trip down Memory Lane 119.