FREE old, used computer HP G42 from 2008

I have an OLD, WORN laptop computer I am no longer using.
Bought sometime in 2008
Lots of scratches on the exterior, worn parts from the finger using the mouse, resting my hands etc
No battery included
Fan is loud
However, no cracks on the screen, and EVERYTHING (usb ports, HDMI port, keyboard, CD/DVD ROM etc) is fully functional
HP G42
500 SSD drive
intel i3
running Ubuntu version Lubuntu 20.04.1
comes with charger

Id like to give this to someone FOR FREE who needs it, like a college student, someone with low income, or your kid’s first computer before you buy them a shiny, expensive new one
It is NOT for gaming, heavy video streaming (basic Netflix and YouTube watching is ok) or video editing

Please message me if you are interested
Pickup in Shulin Train Station, New Taipei