Free Pizza at Alleycat's

CTV wants to do a profile of Alleycat’s: Tomorrow afternoon Tuesday, March 15th at 2pm is the only time they can shoot and they want it to seem as it is regular hours:

I need therefore some heads; lot’s preferably.

For your trouble and not minding being filmed I offer free pizza.

Please let me know tonight or by 10am tomorrow if you can make it.

My cell # is 0955034607.

Curse my 2 o’clock class. :fume:

I can definately be there, and probably bring a few friends. Is the place going to be up and running if we’d like to order something extra?

Saving myself the cost of a text message, I can say that I can be there until 3.

Got any of that Bacardi left?

Great. FA how many?

Loretta, nope. It’s frigging 2 o’clock not yet Bacardi o’clock.

I also don’t Loretta will be allowed on the TV. Aren’t there laws or something?

As it’s free I’ll bring a guest too. :slight_smile:

Sandman, I’ve been on TV here before and was seen by all my students. Hence my concern when TV crews show up at happy hours. The last thing I need is to be filmed arm in arm with bob, wearing a viking helmet, and nursing an unfeasibly large drink, or on my knees in front of Sweetie. I teach high school, and am known by sight to at least 1000 students. Can you imagine the hassle?

But if they all want to know about the cool-looking restaurant I was in, and start going there for family parties then that would be a good thing. That Alleycat is a lazy bastard and needs to be made to work harder. With a little prompt like this I can bring an entire class of seniors in some time, and make him open up especially.

Got room for the Mrs. and the 2 rugrats? They can be there at 2:00 with bells on. I’m not sure I can get away from the salt mine, and since I can’t commit, I’ll abstain.


Vanessa and I will be there.

Well… I technically don’t have to teach any more classes after 11:30 am tomorrow (TGFT: Thank God for Tuesdays!)…not sure if the boss would be too crazy about it, though. I’m sure the money I’d lose for an acute case of personal leave would more than be made up for in a slice of Alleycat’s pizza.

[quote=“Alleycat”]Great. FA how many?

Loretta, nope. It’s frigging 2 o’clock not yet Bacardi o’clock.[/quote]

I thought Bacardi was a 24h clock :slight_smile:

As I won’t be asking them until tomorrow… I’ll commit to 3 of us in total. Is more than commited okay? More than willing to contribute moolah as I’ve been waiting a long time for the opportunity to wolf down some pizza for lunch…

FA’s got the right idea.

I’m looking to saying ‘every day, five times a day’ live on camera.

This might be a good opportunity for me to meet some of the ladies! If I can get my little ones taken care of by my helper, I could be there by 2:30ish. Any other ladies able to make it?

Ah…too bad, I can’t make it. What a pity.

Great to hear that Alleycats is on TV soon. Wish you a great success!

All things to plan, count me in.

Count me in. I be there. Do I need to call to confirm?

I’ve got
Mrs and Mrs Mao
FA x 3.
Okami +5

Got space for another 5-10.

That’s Loretta plus one.

I believe our mutual friend MT is going too.

Is Sandman not going? I look forward to seeing him with that big rubber willy strapped to his forehead.

Got it.

Ok, have space for 5 more.


There is no need to hide your belly on TV, it is expected that a good cook has one :slight_smile: ! Good luck with the TV crew! Speak straight into the Microphone and look into the camera not at the person that interviews you.