Free pornography, a discussion

I briefly mentioned it. It’s leaving young men frustrated when it’s becoming much harder for them to compete against older and more developed men. Leaving them to check out of dating and the sexual market and turning to other forms of gratification such as porn or drugs.

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I am shocked the rusty trombone did not enter into search parameters.

I thought Taiwanese like classical music.

Really? When and where do who say that?

Could you guys please not pollute the pornography thread with disgusting things like Trump? Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not ashamed to admit that I googled “Overwatch” and…it’s simply a video game. I think the fact that “hentai”, “vr”, “overwatch” and “cartoon” are some of the most searched for categories could have as much to do with the declining birthrate as anything discussed elsewhere.

Outrage porn matters. You’re seriously mistaken if you don’t think a certain demographic didn’t unzip their pants each morning and search for him each morning for the past five years.


Letting non-sexual porn into the porn thread is a slippery slope. Sure, it starts with just a little outrage porn, but before you know it people move on to food porn, then poverty porn, then engineering porn, then epistemology porn, and by the time you realize the word porn has lost whatever meaning it had, it’s too late! :runaway:

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how would you know it when you see it?


Titties and beer, boys, titties and bear.

Now deconstruct that……


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Someone called for @Marco and @olm ?

I like to watch…


Not all women shave for bikini season… :open_mouth:

Utter hogwash. Anti-gay sentiment is highest among blacks and lowest among whites. Are you saying most Trump supporters are black?

Now my history has a long stream starting with “free pornography…”

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tell me the bear in a bikini wasn’t worth it

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It was. :+1: Best thing happened to me today.

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The wind in the willows is indeed a good read. I’m having trouble replying, some kind of literary performance issues.

If you have a boat fetish, that is (think I’ll crack open my second bottle of Fin sports drink)


That sounds like the biggest rip off since this!

simpsons naked lunch