Free pornography, a discussion

Good for society, or bad? Please feel free to state your case. This thread is not meant for sharing pornography, so keep it academic. Thank you


You know what you say, if it’s free then you are the product.

OTOH, if you are interested in reasonably priced, good quality JAV, I have good news for you. Do you have a DVD reader?


a what?

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The future man, the future.


I think that pornography is among the greatest threats to young boys that exists in the developed world today. I am legitimately thankful that high speed internet access wasn’t a thing when I was a teenager for a number of reasons though this, generally, tops the list.

Yes, I said boys - I think that social media is similarly damaging for young girls.

No, I don’t want either porn nor social media banned either.


Context for the existence of this thread over here:

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nothing wrong with having the discussion, if folks are interested!

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Do you mean “free” as in “free speech,” or as in “free beer”?

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yes, this is a good point. i have thought of this as well


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Actually, I’m just letting you jump through some hoops before giving my heart to you


in that case, when i wrote the topic it was meant as in ‘free beer’ as a way to lure in people who would then like the topic (which hasn’t worked)

but since it is a discussion, folks can opine on the nature of unrestricted pornography. personally, as long as everyone is a consenting adult i think they should make whatever content they want (i just won’t watch it, as i don’t watch most of it now)

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It’s dangerous - humans aren’t wired for that amount of dopamine stimulation.

Highly recommend watching this talk:


I agree. Tinder plus porn. A small percentage of guys clean up and the rest stay at home with a box of tissues.

Gonna have a lot of man child virgins in the future.


What we need is to continue increasing female representation in business, industry, and politics!

we do need less people, and we seem to have stumbled upon a solution that will be both self-limiting as well as naturally selective of those with an abundance of moral fiber in their diets.


Porn is fine as long as you’re not addicted to it and it isn’t some morally depraved shit involving minors or animals or torture. I’m not that into it anymore (well… not since college at least), but I’d never seek to make it illegal for others.

Good or bad? I don’t know about the moral relativism of it… it just is. I guess it could be good to vent some sexual frustration, but also bad for giving people some unrealistic expectations of sex and possible sexual partners.


have you seen idiocracy?


Porn is way too accessible.

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So what’s your solution? With the Internet it’s either inaccessible or accessible. When I was a kid you had to pay someone older to go and buy a skin mag for you, but nowadays it’s just a mouse click away. Obviously it’s impossible to go back to those simpler times of stumbling upon a ‘Hustler’ you obtained with great difficulty. So now you’d either have to make it wholly accessible or inaccessible like South Korea (and despite that, that country still has a lot of perverts). There’s not much middle ground.