Free pornography, a discussion

Utter hogwash. Anti-gay sentiment is highest among blacks and lowest among whites. Are you saying most Trump supporters are black?

Now my history has a long stream starting with “free pornography…”

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tell me the bear in a bikini wasn’t worth it

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It was. :+1: Best thing happened to me today.

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The wind in the willows is indeed a good read. I’m having trouble replying, some kind of literary performance issues.

If you have a boat fetish, that is (think I’ll crack open my second bottle of Fin sports drink)


That sounds like the biggest rip off since this!

simpsons naked lunch

no such thing as a free naked lunch

I’ve posted this in the Brexit thread before, but given the messing about in boats and finns sports drinks references I can’t help posting it again.

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Look at the tits on that!