Free Slurpee Day at Seven Eleven

I’m not sure if they do this here, but you might check it out. Today’s date is 7/11 so the chain gives away 7.11 ounce slurpees today. At least, they do in the States.

Thanks for the warning. I’ll know to avoid 7-11 at all costs today. Anything free/discounted = queues out the door.

Um, isn’t today the 12th, not the 11th?

Sunday, 11 July (7-Eleven) was honored by a “Buy One Slurpee @ regular price - Get 2nd one at 1/2 price” here at the local 7-Eleven store.

We bought 4 and 2 are still in the freezer. Cola/Mango combos.

I don’t drink them here but the Boy and the Wife like one on occasion. Since its been so damned hot and they were on special…it was an “occasion.”
Back in Socali I had a …“little problem” with Slurpees…had to ‘Just Say No’ to the delicious, cool and fruity libation.

(Didja know that a bit of rum can be added?)

Good point.

Darn. Next time I’ll try to be up to date about my warnings! Guess I still haven’t quite caught up with the clock yet!

(I did know you could add rum to a slurpee. I wish there were a black coffee flavor.)

Gap in the market there, love. Maybe you could be the pioneer.