Free software on the Web - what am I missing out on?

I subscribe to the (Cnet) newsletter which has lots of recommendations for free and not-so-free stuff. I just downloaded Pawn, a simple chess program which is great.

It’s hard to know what is genuinely good and what is just hype. There must be loads of other great stuff out there, games, Internet security, etc. What recommendations do you have? What software do you consider ‘must haves’? Also, what should be avoided?

Thanks. :moo:

If you’re looking for Windows programs, I strongly recommend you check out Pricelessware. They have very trustworthy and useful recommendations on all sorts of Windows software, and they update pretty often.

If you’re looking for Linux software, you should check out Freshmeat and Sourceforge. If you’re running Linux, though, you probably already knew about those two sites. Actually, it’s not a bad idea to check Sourceforge even if you’re looking for Windows software – a lot of the projects there have both Linux and Windows versions.

As for Mac stuff, I don’t know. Sorry 'bout that.

[quote=“Spack”]I just downloaded Pawn[/quote]There’s no need to tell us, it’s obvious from your penguin.

I’ve learned my lesson with the other kind of pawn! A lot of those sites put some really evil stuff on your PC.

Thanks for that site. There’s some interesting stuff. What else am I missing out on then? What good freebie games (non-flash - I hav eenough of those to last a lifetime!) can anyone recommend?

Sourceforge and Freshmeat do have quite a few games on them – you could do a search for such things. Another good source is the Linux Game Tome. Obviously, they are focused on Linux games, but many of the games out there have Linux, Windows and other versions. Some of my favorites are Vega Strike, Search and Rescue, Flight Gear, Battle for Wesnoth, Tuxracer, FreeCiv and the various go/weiqi clients out there. Amazing stuff considering the price.

gnu is a great free backgammon program. thanks for the pawn tip has some good stuff once in a while.