Free Telnet and PINE?

Does anyone know where I can get a free telnet account that has PINE MAIL?


My Web hosting company provides me with that for free. Doesn’t yours?


Do you want the Telnet account for the pine mail client or just so that you have a UNIX shell? Also, I would suggest using SSH instead of Telnet. Otherwise everything is being sent in plaintext across the internet.

If you just want pine, there’s PC Pine

If you want a “shell” account, here are some lists: and (look up “free shell account” in google)

I don’t mind the plain text actually. I want to be able to use Pine, I like it and for general email I don’t need anything but text anyway as I can download any file attachments directly from Pine.

Thanks for the websites I will check them out.

Ooops…I’ve been working in tech too long. What I meant by data being sent in plaintext is that anything you type is unencrypted across the Internet. This means that someone could (easily) snoop on whatever you are doing. SSH solves that by encrypting the communications between two computers.