Free Text based Multiplayer online ZOMBIE game

This looks pretty neat. It’s online with many people playing at once. And you can choose to be a zombie or a person? Something like that. And it’s not 100% text…they have some maps and whatnot. There are a few different character classes…fireman, soldier, civilian…etc.

Check it out:

You can even play it at work since there are no sounds or graphics.

Also you can see how people get into it at it’s Wiki site:

Well, it’s got my seal of approval. I’ve made 4 characters…And during my breaks at work I go and get them to do stuff.

The game lets you do one action per half an hour…but if you don’t play for awhile they accumulate…for a maximum of 50. You can do 50 actions in about 15 minutes…so you can only play one char for about 15 minutes a day. This is because when you are off-line your char stays where you left it…but with such limited actions it’s not easy for someone to kill you even if you aren’t online. But if two zombies were to attack…then you’d be in trouble.

Point is…it’s fun. Give it a try.


Mordeth. I’m in St. Godric’s hospital. Do you want to hook up somewhere?

I found one zombie and took a couple of shots at him but all I did was to waste ammo.

[quote=“Durins Bane”]Awesome!

Mordeth. I’m in St. Godric’s hospital. Do you want to hook up somewhere?

I found one zombie and took a couple of shots at him but all I did was to waste ammo.[/quote]

Yeah the 30% means you’ll only hit 30% of the time. So roughly 1 in 3 times…but it’s possible to unload a few clips and not hit once. I found a zombie that someone else was killing before they ran out of action points. And I finished him off for some good exp.

Which suburb is St. Godric’s hospital in? MAP:

I have a char called Gary Under…he has a phone…you can add his name to “contacts” and then call him if you have a phone.

The hospital is in this area:

I have just finished the wiki and such and so I have a better idea of what is going on and how to do stuff.

I think the lone zombie I encountered must of been a PC who was sleeping. I should of gakked him right then and there but was concerned about keeping some ammo. I’ll put it down as a learning experience. Then I find out that we can re-fit at a police station.

Where are you and I’ll try to work my way over?

I’m listed as Durins Bane

Gakking zombies in close combat…life doesn’t get any better than this.

…and it is much needed…

I just found this useful bit of info…

Locations: Warehouses; Mall liquor stores; Auto Repair Shops; Pubs
Heals 1 HP. One use only.

EDIT: Mordeth, I’m not sure if you have noticed this but it looks like there are a bunch of gangs running around. Just because someone is human doesn’t necessarily mean they are a friend.

We should start our own gang. Or at least hook up so that we can watch each other’s back.

Strange thing, I am in there now too…I am in Buttonville (on the button of the area) next to a bank called Hutchin Bank.
I am almost out of AP but if you tell me where I should move to we can try to meet. I think a team would work out better here, even I am not sure of everything. Just a stupid newbie… :wink:

Edit: Just found that “route planer” and he told me this: St Godric’s Hospital is 22 blocks west and 80 blocks north of Hutchin Bank.

Looks like a long, long way.

Oh one of my guys is in West Boundwood just north east of you Durins Bane. His name is Gary Under. I think I’m going to play my main as a Scientist…since they are the least favorite class (look at the stats button on the main page at

Yep, I’m in the hospital with you. I just added you to my contacts list. You can click on my name and add me as well.

I’m there as LionOh in Grigg Heights the MacGilvray Hotel…

lets meet up at some point

Well Durins Bane and I are in Gatcombeton (near top left), Funk is in Grieg Heights (middle far left), and mingshah is in Buttonville (gay name…uhh, bottom left). So by this map: a good “safe” area to meet would be Lerwill Heights…not too much zombie activity there now. It might be an adventure getting there for everyone other than Funk…but that’s what this is about right?

the MacGilvray Hotel is 43 blocks west and 41 blocks north of Club Hunt.

Seems I am far out of the way. And I just met some nice guys who wanted to eat me, thanks to the LVL 20 guy who killed them, cured me and healed me short before my death. I will try to get into a close by hospital. If you guys meet and open up a team than let me know. It might take me ages to come to you but I will try…

1 block is 1 action point. You get 50 after a 25 hour rest. So you could do it in one go if you wait until tomorrow night. But take your time…do some searches…smack around a few zombies…and we’ll meet in a couple of days. If you look at the map it will take me awhile to get down from Gatcombeton as well.

Sounds like a cool interation you had there though…zombie attack…some pro coming to your rescue.

Yup, was a nice startup. I made my first 4 XP Points and was waiting for my death and suddenly the guy came and blow them off. Impressive, especially when you see his skills and XP Points.

Ok, I will try to come over and pass through this nice red, orange and yellow areas. But If I survive, I will be strong. :wink:

Logged on as GunTotingRedneck. Where are you guys?

It sounds like the plan is to all hook up in Lerwill heights.

Be careful out there…I’m going to go have a look around.

It sounds like the plan is to all hook up in Lerwill heights.

Be careful out there…I’m going to go have a look around.[/quote]

Can you have a look around and find a safe place to meet? The area is a bit scary directly next to one of the Zombies headquaters… :smiley:

ACK! I’m in Barrville, which is shown on the wiki map to be very dangerous.

Logged in as Farenheit 451. Will head to Lerwill Heights via Havercroft and Lukinswood.

10 people is enough to form a posse and be listed on the wikipedia.

OK, I managed to get through a horde of zombies and made it to Lukinswood, but I’m out of APs.

I am outside St Elsbeth’s Hospital.