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As for those that would be looking to come into any such articles; would have to arrange for viewing and pick up as the contributor would have already done their part just by posting.

One would hope that perhaps this may be of some help to any new comers to the island in the future, in their gaining a hold of some form of comfort or peace of mind through any items that may help with their sustaining independence of

ACER 340P with install CD(98)
It’s yours if you pick it up.

Though if you’re running XP you’re on your own for a driver as I don’t have one and am too lazy to look any harder than I already have.

Also some older 16 and 8 Meg EDO RAM chips incase anyone is running an older Pentium or PentiumII and an old ISA SCSI adaptor.

And, can’t forget the 4MB AGP VGA card in my drawer.