Free video-chat space for language exchange in Taiwan

I managed to find something very cool recently.

Its a free video-chat space that seems to be set up for language exchanges. After registering with the front page, it takes you directly into a video-chat room where you can use your web-cam and microphone / headset to chat with people. I didn’t have to install anything or download anything which was doubly good. Right now, it seems to be populated with heaps of Taiwanese university students (many from NCHU as much as I can figure) who want to speak with foreigners in English.

I was able to set up a language exchange with a student from NCHU (my conversational Chinese is still kinda weak) after being on the site for only about an hour. We are going to meet on the site for two hours a week, English first then Chinese.

The audio quality is very good and I was surprised by the video quality as well.

Finally, my friggin web-cam is coming in handy for something.

Curious what other folks think too.

sweet man im gonna definitely try it out THANKS! i dont know any chinese so this will be good for me