Free Videoconferencing

For Christmas I’m thinking of giving members of my family digital video cameras for their computers along with instructions on how to access and use free video conference facilities. To satisfy my criteria, it’s got to be free and easy to use (easy enough for my clueless old man) but so far I know almost nothing about such facilities.

Did a little googling just now and learned that several months ago a new product came out that was initially known as vSkype and is now known as Festoon (that one uses in conjunction with Skype or Googletalk):

The above is actually known as Festoon Beta. That means that it’s still not a finished commercial product and they’re still working out the kinks, right? Is that what we should use, or is there a better, free program out there already?

Why don’t you just get a standard webcam and try Y!. That’s the instant messenger from Yahoo. The quality looks pretty good. Also MSN Messenger can do this, but I would rather go with Y!. Also, this probably only works for Windows PC’s.