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I’m working with a bunch of guys who have developed some really cool virtualworld software for ESL. In the virtual world students can go in, walk around, chat to others, order a coffee, visit a bank etc, baically practicing their English. The idea is that students will spend more time in a game environment compared to just looking at books. It almost like SecondLife but it has features especially for ESL. For example, the teacher sets a number of tasks for the student to do in the virtual world, like go to a coffee shop, order a coffee, make small talk with the waiter, find out the time from someone, etc…This is all recorded, timed, scored etc and students get points for accuracy, grammar usage, vocabulary usage etc. Alternatively, students can just wander and clock up points by just chatting with others.

Currently, we want to run the pilot in Taiwan, but are a little unfamilar with the local ESL environment. We are looking for a few teachers who can tell us a little about their school, the materials they use, basic stuff, so we can build a picture. In return, we can offer those intersted some free copies of the sofware when we launch to try out.

If you would like to be part of the little experiment and get involved, and be first in trying virtual English teaching, drop me a line.

Ok… hope to hear from you

Ed Ryan

EFL, dude.

Sounds cool otherwise. I’m interested. What age of student are you looking at? And why are you launching in Taiwan specifically? What’s the attraction?


I suppose the initial target group would be around 12 - 18. I think they may be more open to trying this kind of stuff.

Can I drop you an email, giving you a bit more info, and then if you’re still willing to help out an old soldier for a about 5 mins, that would be fantastic.

My email is:

Thanks again

Ed Ryan

At that age, they are unlikely to have any free time unless the school timetables it, and then they will use it for basketball or - more probably - sleep. Even at university, free time is at a premium. But something targetted at that sector might work. Young employed adults, and even older employed adults, spend a LOT of time online and gaming is very big. No reason to think they won’t be open to trying your product.

I can try it with a high school class and get some feedback for you. They liked Third World Farmer.

Email me by all means, just click the button below, but it’s good to post here so that others can see it in future. Keep the thread alive!

A few questions;

  1. Why Taiwan?
  2. Who will the students interact with?
  3. Do they interact by speaking or by typing?
  4. How does this scoring thing work? That sounds cool.