Freedom Flies: Are Democrats Glad to See Bush Fail?

With the GOP imploding mighty fast, I guess it won’t be too long before they start trotting out how “glad” we all are to see everything they’ve done fail. Truth is, most humans are glad to be “right”, but none of us are enjoying or have enjoyed the past few years. It’s like watching a CCTV feed showing some man try to paint the padded walls of his room with fecal matter.

Democrat: Man, that’s not going to be good. There’s not even a toilet in that room.

Republican: Those white walls needed to be painted. He’s taking decisive action. You’re nuts, and you’re either with us or against us. Why do you hate America, you moonbat?

Democrat: He’ll probably get an infection. And those flies aren’t going to help.

Republican: Those are the “flies of freedom,” or as we now call them: “Freedom Flies.” You know, 99% of our men and women in the service vote Republican, don’t you? The troops know who they should trust.

six months later …

Democrat: Looks like he’s got a bunch of nasty runny sores all over his body.

Republican: Don’t know why you believe the “MSM”. It’s biased towards the liberals.

Democrat: But that’s a nasty running sore… covered with flies.

Republican: You don’t like “Freedom Flies”?

ten months later …

Democrat: Looks like his eyes are all swollen and infected. I can’t believe you don’t just let him out, wash him off and get him some medical help. Why on earth did you stick that guy into a padded room with no toilet in the first place??

Republican: Just listen to you… you Democrats would be exactly the sorts who would put a shit-covered, pus-smeared insane person out on the loose in our society.

I think Democrats have decided that the death of the Bush Administration shall be “a death by a thousand cuts.”

Every major and minor thing has been played up to the maximum for the most dramatic effect.

No wonder some of us have turned off the noise.


edit: To be fair: under Clinton, I hated Rush Limbaugh to death, making the same kind of noise… :raspberry: