I am currently working for a Taiwanese company but would like to leave that one and do freelancing work.

The ARC is the biggest problem, then tax issues, then health insurance.

For the ARC I guess I could sign up with a Chinese language school and get the ARC through them, give up 10 to 15 hours a week to do that. However, I’d rather use those hours for freelancing and doing visa runs every two months is not what I consider fun. Aren’t there other ways of doing this ?

Aren’t there companies here that provide services for freelancers that don’t require each freelancer to set up a legal company ? I basically pay them to hire me, provide an ARC for me, and other services. In the US there are companies that for some fee, take care of a mailing address, health insurance, tax related issues etc. I am looking for something similar in Taiwan. Well, I am probably dreaming…

In that case, can someone please advise me a person who can help me sort out my options ?? Does anyone have experience with starting up a foreigner as freelancer and getting him an ARC ?

I’d appreciate any help. I am getting a bit lost :slight_smile: !


This topic has been discussed in some depth in past postings. You could search in this Forum, or General Legal Matters, for


and will probably find some interesting and informative posts.

Hi ronaldsloot. PM me with your number, we can probably come to some arrangement.

Actually, the above applies to anyone else who might want to do some business without all the hassle of setting up your own company.