Freeware 1000 English word list for palm

Maybe this doesn’t deserve a whole thread dedicated to it, but oh well. I think it’s funny/cool cause (I think) it’s based on that 1000 English word list that school kids should know. It has the English word and the Chinese characters next to it.


[quote]Application Description:
PocketWords is designed to make learning vocabulary easy,
fast and efficient.
1000 vocabularies are based on the book -
Basic English Vocabulary for Elementary and Junior High School Students
which released by the Taiwan Ministry of Education on 01/21/2003.
Student must be conversant with the basic words in order to pass the
Basic Competency Test (BCT), the selection test for entry to senior high school.

PocketWords also generate random quiz questions. Each question
is a random selection of words from the 1000 basic vocabularies.
Students can add unfamiliar words directly from the quiz to his
own vocabulary database for future review.

Please note: Chinses font must be installed in your PDA![/quote]

I probably would not have noticed your post if it was not a new thread.