Freeware to record system sounds

I used to use freecorder to record system sounds, but it isn’t free anymore. I tried others and ended up downloading a virus. Does anybody have a good alternative that is freeware? Thanks.

Hey there! That is your goal for doing what you are doing? I was very happy years ago, using a primitive sound card and a free program called “Audacity” I was able to create live radio skits combining the sounds, of my microphone, midi and any other input I chose to put into the computer. My little computer was acting a live sound mixer. But that all stopped when I upgraded my Version of Windows and my original Sound blaster card broke. THIS IS BY DESIGN>>>>>> From the COPYRIGHT PROTECTORS!
Let me explain some basics, you may have the ability to record the system sounds or whatever for free, just by enabling a hidden driver in your sound card.
If you go to your sound card mixer you will see controls for your audio devices like MIDI, CD, etc. There used to be an additional control called "STEREO MIX"or “RECORD WHAT U HEAR” depending upon the sound card you were using. When enabled, everything that would come out of your speakers would be able to be recorded. It was very useful. IT WORKED GREAT ON THE CHEAPEST SOUNDCARDS!

Now for reason to prevent us from pirating songs this feature was removed or hidden or deleted from almost all inexpensive sound cards. The cards that include this feature now start at 3,000NT from Creative Labs. My EEE PC still has this feature but a lot of good it does! I can’t drive speakers and input audio at the same. Only one audio Jack!
Now if you want to record just system sounds or beeps sorry… I went on too long. If you want to record mixes, get an expensive sound card, or a program called virtual audio cable and a the free recording program called audacity. I have not used virtual audio cable though. The free version has some limitations.
If you want to unlock or record protected audio files, you can use Audials. But that doesn’t work as well as it used to. There may be better options.
Research… Un hiding “Stereo Mix” “Record What U Hear” Virtual Audio Cable.
PM me if you would like? We could help each other. I have not been able to record mixes for five years now. I really hate to spend money for a feature that I used to use for free. And there was no reason it should have been taken away since it does not stop pirating or copying anyway.
Good luck .